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Renew life reviews

Here at Renew Life Insurance, all of our customers are invited to leave a review of their customer experience with us. We call these Renew Life Reviews! These reviews are not vetted in any way and are all from Renew Life insurance policy holders.

When comparing life insurance,  many shoppers wisely tend to research  the provider especially by reading their  reviews. At Renew Life,  we ask all of our customers that take out an insurance policy to review the service that we provide for them.

Please feel free to browse the reviews below which are unfiltered, genuine customer reviews.  If you would like to know more about our insurance services, please use the  navigation to pick the relevant life insurance for you.

How to provide an official Renew Life Review?

Every single person who has had a customer journey with us and has allowed us to protect their futures is invited by SMS to leave a Renew Life Review. The Renew Life Review SMS includes a link to our review collection partner Gather Up, leaving a review is a quick and simple task.

What is Gather Up?

GatherUp is a customer experience and online review engine that we use to collect Renew Life Reviews directly from our customers and ensures that the reviews are legitimate.

Why is leaving a review so important?

Renew Life Reviews enable us to ensure that every customer engagement is fantastic and in line with our Company Values. Here at Renew Life, we place a very strong emphasis on our Company Values and love to see these shine through in Renew Life Reviews.

What are our Company Values?

Our Company Values are at the heart of everything we do.

  • We Care
  • We Deliver
  • We Improve
  • We Maintain a Sense of Fun
  • We Achieve Together

How do we use Renew Life reviews?

Renew Life Reviews are monitored on a daily basis by our Customer Experience Team to provide positive feedback to our wonderful team and, of course, to improve where needed.

Renew Life Reviews are essential to the development of us as individuals and as a company. They allow us to see what we are doing right and what we may need to improve on.

Renew Life Reviews allow us to ensure that we are caring, delivering and improving in every customer engagement

How do We Improve from our reviews?

No person or business is perfect and there are always opportunities to improve, we understand and believe in this so much that we included it as 1 of our 5 Company Values – We Improve!

Renew Life reviews are a fantastic way of receiving suggestions for improvements or amendments to our customer experiences.

Our Customer Experience Team collate all feedback received via the Renew Life reviews to discuss at regular Customer Experience meetings with our Company Directors. We can then create action plans to make improvements and amendments to ensure that we are always improving and developing as people and as a company.

Where can you see the Renew Life reviews?

Renew Life reviews are collected via Gather Up and streamed live, as received, into our website. You can also keep up to date with Renew Life reviews on our social media platforms where we regularly share new Renew Life reviews as well as other company news.

  • Our website
  • Our Facebook page @RenewLifeInsurance
  • Our Instagram page @renew_life_uk

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer of Renew Life and receiving your Renew Life review!