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Welcome to our new Customer Experience Manager!

Welcome to our new Customer Experience Manager!

We are pleased to announce that we now have a dedicated Customer Experience Manager who is able to assist you with the FREE process of placing your Life Insurance policy into a Flexible Trust.

The majority of customers will benefit from putting their Life Insurance policy into a Flexible Trust which is completely free and provides you with additional peace of mind that;

  • You are in full control of your policy and wishes
  • Your policy pays out to the right people that you have chosen
  • Your policy pays out set amounts to certain individuals if desired
  • Your policy is paid out without delays

Furthermore, a Trust could avoid Inheritance Tax costs and also avoids Probate meaning your beneficiaries will receive their pay out far faster than having no Flexible Trust in place which can often mean an average waiting period of 3 months.

By taking some time to place your Life Insurance policy into a Flexible Trust you are guaranteeing your wishes and making a difficult time for your family easier and more straight forward.

It really is the final step to protecting your family’s future.

Don’t forget Flexible Trusts are totally free and easy to arrange. Simply follow the 3 steps below…

  1. Carefully read the Flexible Trust documents posted to you
  2. Complete the documents in full
  3. Return the forms directly to your Insurance provider

Should you require any assistance or would like your Flexible Trust forms resending, please contact Lauren Robbie our Customer Experience Manager directly, on 0333 3441 517.

Please do be aware though that Trusts are legal documents and because we do not offer legal advice, you may benefit from seeking independent legal guidance around trusts and Inheritance Tax if required. 

Enjoy added peace of mind and don’t hesitate to get in touch.